What is StuRa?

StuRa is the student council of Hasselt University, just like every other university and college has its own student council. We are a motivated group of students who represent and defend the opinion of all students within our university. Because we are active within various organisms within our university, we have a say on different levels. This ranges from small organisms, such as the 'Food Committee' and the 'Library Policy Committee', to the highest, such as the 'Education council' and the 'UHasselt Board of Directors'. Because of this participation, we are seen as the co-administration of the university.

StuRa exists since 2004 and has always been actively solving problems and defending the opinion of students within the university. Feel free to read our reports or our list of projects to see what we are currently doing! You can always reach StuRa by contacting members, by visiting our open General Meetings, or through our 'Stuver' consultations, where each faculty coordinator meets the students from the evaluation meetings and OMTs.

Who is StuRa?

StuRa currently consist of 24 members, which you can see in the overview below what position they are fulfilling. You can become a member of StuRa in two ways.

You can nominate yourself as a candidate during the elections (nomination April 10 to April 22), which means you can become a member and have the right to vote, or you ask to be co-opted during the academic year. When you are co-opted, you only get voting rights if you take up a function, not if you take up a mandate. This does not alter the fact that you can give your opinion at a meeting!

  • President
    You can compare this function with a manager in a company. You lead a group, with the difference that this group consists of volunteers. Good communication between you, the rectorate, your co-administration and the members of the student council are essential.
  • Vice-President of Education
    The follow-up of the faculty coordinators, contact with study career supervisors from each faculty and constructive thinking about solutions or improvements within the education of the university are the core of this function. The education council is a crucial organism for you. You are also part of the board, which means that you consult and decide on the direction that StuRa wants to go.
  • Vice President Student
    The most important organism where you can achieve something is the 'Council for Student Facilities' (RvS), but you must also keep in touch with services like 'stuvo', culture, the rectorate... Within StuRa, you work together with the association coordinator, sports coordinator... you already hear it, no educational stuff 😉
  • Secretary
    Is planning and organizing really something for you? As the right hand of the StuRa-board, you keep very accurate notes during the general meetings, you keep the documentation, you schedule meetings and additional supplies etc. You invite the members, interested parties and any external parties and you ensure smooth communication between the board and students/external parties/UHasselt staff members.
  • Financial Administrator
    You carefully keep an eye on our expenses and our budget. You are in touch with the financial department of the university, since they provide us with our budget.
  • Association Coordinator
    Do you get along well with multiple student's associations, while being impartial at the same time? As an Association Coordinator, you are the centre of the dialogue between all associations (including the alternative associations), StuRa and the university. Both the Associations Committee and the Praeses Committee are essential meetings for this function.
  • International Coordinator
    Do you like getting in touch with people, and are you interested in different cultures? The International Council, which is part of StuRa, exists for international students. As International Coordinator, you are their guide rather than their chairman, while at the same time you are a contact for international students. You are also an intermediary between StuRa, DIOS and ESN.
  • Communication Officer
    StuRa has multiple social media accounts. At the moment, we are active on Facebook, Instagram and our web site. We also have an account for LinkedIn and Twitter. Do you like giving interesting information about StuRa on a frequent and structured basis? Are you good with humour? Then, this function is made for you! You will work together with the two other mandates within the communication team.
  • Sport Coordinator
    This function consists of reaching out to the Sports Department and constructively thinking about improvements in our university's sports offers.
  • ICT manager
    You maintain our web site and the 'easy' IT with which most students have difficulties.
  • FUN manager
    Do you enjoy organizing fun activities? This position is responsible for both internal and external StuRa activities. There are our weekends, movie nights ... under your rule a spectacular event? You do this together with the 5 mandates of the FUN meeting.
  • Campus coordinator (2: in Hasselt and Diepenbeek)
    In this position you follow up the facilities within your campus. For example, if there are problems with the infrastructure or another service, then you are the one who emails this to the MAT department.
  • Faculty Coordinator (7, ARK, BEW, GLW, IIW, RWS, MOB, WET, REC)
    Per faculty, the intermediary between students in evaluation meetings and OMTs, study career counselors and the student council. Point of contact for students in his/her faculty. This position requires that you can adopt a social attitude and feel responsible for your faculty. You are in the right place if your circle of acquaintances contains many students from your faculty, and preferably over several years.
A mandate requires less effort than a function.
  • Faculty council (13, ARK (2), BEW(2), GLW(2), IIW(1), RWS(2), MOB(2), WET(2), REC(2))
    In this body you assist the faculty coordinator when education-related topics are discussed.
  • Education Council
    In this body you assist the vice-president of education with StuRa points of view. You think along constructively about education within the university.
  • Student Facilities Council (7, one per faculty)
    Student representation in the Student Facilities Council of UHasselt. Here everything related to student affairs is discussed: from the restaurant and the list of rooms to the associations. Here it is important to represent our students, because otherwise they dare to forget us 😉.
  • Association Council (2)
    The Association Council is a council that unites both the classic student associations and the alternative ones, such as ESN or CCG. It is used to follow up and give feedback on the association's input. Your job is to assist the Association Coordinator.
  • Student Council AUHL (4, association University and graduate school Limburg)
    Represent our UHasselt Student Council in AUHL (Association of University and Colleges in Limburg). The main goal is to exchange information and together with the other institutions, we try to realize a joint project. Currently, we are working on our StudentHotspot!
  • VVS (3, Flemish Association of Students)
    One student council is not enough for you? Represent our students in VVS (Flemish Student Association)! Representatives from all Flemish student councils are present here, and discuss education in Flanders.
  • Disciplinary Committee Student (2)
    When de Disciplinary Committee assembles because of disciplinary issues, they require a student to be present as well. This only happens very rarely.
  • Food committee (2)
    Umami's changes last year weren't appreciated by many students. Through the Food Committee, StuRa strives for improvements. You also keep in touch with the Campus Coordinator, who follows up on.
  • Library policy Commission (2)
    Specific library-related issues are discussed here. You also stay in touch with the Campuscoordinator, who keeps track of problems should there be any.
  • International Council (3)
    You assist the International Coordinator in this Council and you have an interest in international students.
  • FUN consultation (6)
    Do you like organizing activities? They are prepared here, together with the FUN manager.
  • Communication Team (3)
    Together with the Communication Manager, you take care of StuRa's communication through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn...

Come take a look

We are a team for and by UHasselt students. Would you like some more information? Be sure to visit our General Meeting! These are always accessible for students. You can find the calendar here.

What exactly happens at such meetings? Sometimes external parties come along on different topics: from staff members to people or students who come to present a topic. Reports from previous meetings are approved and external meetings that have taken place are all fed back so that everyone is informed. We also make a distinction between current topics between education and student-related information. International students are also discussed: the International Coordinator, who sits on the International Council, provides feedback on this.

Beside the General Assembly, we also organise working groups on various topics, with the intention of brainstorming about a topic and then go to the General Meeting with proposals.

If you would like to receive news about meetings and working groups, subscribe to our mailing list!

Would you like to come and see us? Send an email to our board via stura@uhasselt.be, or contact a stura member you know. If this happens on time, we can provide a sandwich for you.

StuRa Elections

Planning of the StuRa-elections

Every year, our elections take place from the end of April through half May. The students that will be a member of next year's student council are elected here. The handover takes place on the 1st of August. The planning is as follows:

1) A period where you can apply as a candidate. This academic year, this is from 10/04/2020 until 22/04/2020.

2) A period where every HU-student can vote for students from his or her faculty. This academic year, this is from 25/04/2020 until 12/05/2020. Every faculty has a limited number of seats, depending on how many students the faculty counts.
ARK: 3 seats
BEW: 4 seats
GLW: 2 seats
IIW: 4 seats
MOB: 1 seat
REC: 3 seats
RWS: 2 seats
WET: 3 seats
SES: 1 seat

3) Function meeting(s) where all elected members can vote for those who want to apply for a function or mandate within the student council. If you weren't elected, you can apply for a function or mandate that has not been filled. Give it a shot! There were 2 function meetings before the exam period last academic year. Functions or mandates for which there is not time, will be moved to the first general meeting of the next academic year.

You weren't elected during elections or function meetings? Don't worry! Throughout the academic year you can still be co-opted. You can stand up for a mandate or for a function. We make a distinction between members, with voting rights, and collaborators, without voting rights, at the student council. If you stand for election in May and are subsequently elected, you are automatically a member. If you did not become a member during the elections, you can be co-opted as a member throughout the academic year. This is only possible if you stand up for a position with good motivation and the General Meeting (AV) subsequently elects you. A maximum of 2 members per faculty can be co-opted in addition to the maximum number of members of a faculty. You can also be co-opted as an collaborator if you argue for a mandate with good motivation and the AV elects you. You can also stand up for collaborator without taking a mandate. The advantage of being co-opted is that you get access to the drive and our internal communication.

Questions? Send us and email! stura@uhasselt.be