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  • Food Hotline
    Do you have a report/question about: the studentrestaurant in Diepenbeek or Hasselt? the vending machines? food offering at UHasselt? Let us know by filling in this form . The Student Facilities Office will bundle the reports and get…
  • StuRa Wrapped 2021
    Like many previous years, 2021 brought us a lot of surprises. Eventually, we’re nearing the end of the year with some fun memories of projects we’ve started this year, or activities like our ‘Warmste Week’ fundraiser. One thing’s…
  • A brand new website!
    2021 seemed to be the year that many companies had a revolutionary breakthrough in their technological infrastructure. We at StuRa also got the memo, and have built a brand new website for you to surf on! More info…

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Food Hotline