Current projects

Below, you can find some of the projects we are currently working on.


Many students from other cities think our night life is just counting sheep and milking cows, but it's the exact opposite! In Diepenbeek, you can go out in Fitlink, Borly or 't Stiemerke, and Hasselt has many bars.
Yet, students still miss a place that neighbors approve of, and where they can do more than partying. For example, practise their hobbies. Many students that play music instruments can't practice in their dorm because of the thin walls. Other things that can be integrated in this place are a small store, or additional study places.
Student Hotspot is the solution for all these issues. It'll be a multifunctional and cosy, but above all student-friendly place, created and maintained by and for students. Right now, we are trying to involve the municipalities of Hasselt and Diepenbeek in the project. We're also looking for a suited location. Hopefully, we can all enjoy this place next year allready!

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