Mobility project!

And you, what's your opinion on our transportation? If you ask us, we are not happy at all!

The short and long term measures below make uo the core of our transportation plan. You can read the full version on below. Meanwhile, Hasselt, Diepenbeek and Hasselt University responded positively to a few aspects of our plan. This is of course not enough! Therefore, sign our action points and support our proposals! By doing so, we try to put more pressure on politicians and the new rector as well as there will be rector elections in 2020.

Our Santa Claus wish list:

  • More reliable and more frequent busses, also late at night.
  • A better option for kot students that are forced to travel by car, e.g. more Mobit drop zones and sufficient parking capacity.
  • A Park-and-Ride near Versuz/Grenslandhallen with shared scooters or small buses that facilitate this last mile trip.
  • Bringing Spartacus ASAP to Diepenbeek.
  • The Kothopper, a Sunday night bus service that connects all student rooms in Hasselt and Diepenbeek an assures good transfers from the last trains.
  • No more floods or bad lighting on cycle paths between Hasselt and Diepenbeek.
  • On Campus Diepenbeek, we want paved sidewalks and shortcuts between the different parkings and the main building.
  • A larger bike parking that provides better accessibility and rain protection.
Sign our mobility action!

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Do you have questions or remarks?
Be sure to read the entire plan (this document must be under the name of the mobility plan) and do not hesitate to contact us! We are also on the campus in Diepenbeek every day during the week of 2-6 December, you can see us passing with hot chocolate or something else tasty...

The signing of our mobility plan works as follows:

1) Enter your student email and student number. This is also allowed if you are not a UHasselt student or staff member. Under no circumstances will these details be made public or used for other purposes than this mobility promotion. For questions about this can you always contact

2) You will receive an email for confirmation of your signature. Here can you click on the 'confirm signature' button. You are then redirected to the StuRa-website and your signature is registered.

3) Inform your friends!