Candidates for the 2020 student council elections

Time to vote! Below you can see the candidates per faculty or school. You can ONLY vote for students who come up in your own faculty or school. You can vote via your academic file!

Regret you didn't apply as candidate? Or do you want to know more? Do not hesitate and send an email to!

Architecture (ARK)

Zjef Van Den Bruel

Business Economics (BEW)

Ahsan Chuhan
Steuwie Fonke

Medicine and Life Sciences (GLW)

Katelyn Bleyens
Ibtissam El Ouakili
Emiel Ruts

Industrial engineering sciences (IIW)

Jelle Degeest
Mathias Beerden
Lukas Degrande
Nicolas Derom
Søren Nikolajsen
Toon Schuerwegen
Toon Vekemans

Revalidation Sciences (RWS)

Timo Meus
Gunter De Groodt

School for mobility (SvM)

Benter Agutu
Wieter Van den Branden

Sciences (WET)

Dore Staquet

Rechten (REC)

Geen opkomende kandidaten

School voor educatieve studies (SES)

Geen opkomende kandidaten