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International students

International Council

The International Council is the official participatory platform for non-Dutch speaking students' enrolled in international programmes. The Council organises meetings and networks with students, and in turn advises and consults with StuRa.

The Studentenraad (StuRa) of the University (Student Council in Dutch) is the official organisation representing all students so their interests are advanced throughout the governing and administrative processes of the University of Hasselt.

The aim of the International Council is to ensure an inclusive and participatory environment for all students at the University. The Council ensures this by bridging the language divide, since StuRa's working language is Dutch, whereas the Council's activities are conducted solely in English. Members of each group then networks and engages in consultation to ensure that international students are represented.

For the current academic year 2015-16 the Council's board was elected and comprises of Sarmad Zaman (chair), Oana Pop (vice-chair), and Damian Robinson (secretary).

The council organises regular meetings and sends emails on information and the agenda of future meetings.
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Feel free to contact us at email for questions, problems or suggestions: internationalcouncil@uhasselt.be 

Good to know

On the road

By train: via the NMBS you can buy a subscription to travel around Belgium. If you hand in a copy of that subscription (which should be at least for a period of 3 months), you will receive an intervention of 50%. You can find the application document in your academic file. Hand in this document, together with a copy of your subscription at the desk of Student Services.

By bus: If you want to travel between Diepenbeek and Hasselt, you can get a campuspas by applying for it in your academic file. Once you’ve paid, you can pick up your campuspas at the desk of Student Services. If you want to travel on a regular basis outside of Diepenbeek or Hasselt, you can apply for a “Buzzypas” (more information on www.delijn.be/en) for which you will also receive a reduction, like the train subscription.

By bike: you can apply for a free bike at citybike.uhasselt.be. You’ll only have to pay a guarantee of €70, which you will get back when you hand over your bike at the end of your staying.

Problems with your landlord? (Or: “kotbaas” in Dutch). You can always contact the service responsible for housing via mail (huisvesting@uhasselt.be) if you have any questions.


You can buy a sports card for €20 via your academic file. With this card you can participate for free in the regular weekly activities, which you can find on www.studentensportlimburg.be. Furthermore, with a sports card, you will receive a discount for and priority to register for initiations and extramural activities. You will be informed for this activities via your student email. Without this sports card you can participate on all the activities, but you do not get the benefits and you will have to pay extra for everything.

Furthermore, with a sports card, you will receive a discount on climbing (at Olympia), ice-skating (at Schaverdijn) and squash (at Fitlink). For these activities, you will have to buy a sports ticket via the sports coordinator or at the desk of Student Services. Swimming in Hasselt or Genk are free with a sports card.